How do I use question pools

A pool is a collection of questions. Buzz can be set up to randomly draw a certain number of questions from a pool and use them to create an assessment.

Define a question pool

To set up an assessment to draw questions from a pool:

  1. Open the desired assessment from Editor > Syllabus or create an assessment.
  2. Open Assessment Settings from the assessment editor.
  3. Under Pool, you can:
    • Indicate the overall Desired number of questions you want drawn for the assessment. For example, if you have 50 questions in the assessment and want students to answer 10 of them, you would enter 10.
    • Indicate how you want the question to break down by pool. Pools can be organized:
      • By groups you create. If you check this box, you must provide the question group Name and the number of questions you'd like chosen from this group.
      • By learning objectives. If you check this box, complete the Select at least this many questions per learning objective field. Buzz ensures the guideline is followed; if there aren't enough questions aligned with the objective, Buzz just uses all of the available questions.
      • By question type. If you check this box, you must indicate how many of each question type you want represented in the assessment by completing the fields below it.
  4. Save.
Define a question pool

Create a question group pool

You can create a custom pool by adding questions to a group. To do so:

  1. Complete steps 1-2 in the Define a question pool section above.
  2. Check the By groups box and click Add.
  3. Give the group a Name and indicate how many questions you want drawn from that group in the Count field.
Create a question group pool
  1. Select the Questions tab.
  2. Select the question you want to add to the group or create a question.
  3. Enter the group Name in the Question groups field. Repeat steps 4-6 for every question you want in the group.
  4. Save.
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