How does the MOS Gradebook Calculate Student Grades?

How the MOS (multi outcome scoring) gradebook calculates the student grade is a little more complicated than most digital gradebooks, but anyone can double check the math in a few minutes.

Unlike most gradebooks, activities in Echo can be scored against multiple outcomes. This means that every assignment can have one, two, three or more scores associated with it. The important thing to note is that the system doesn't ever sum or average those scores. Each score is treated like a unique and separate assessment of a student's skills. The result is an assessment structure that gives students much more information about their skills and abilities than a traditional gradebook.

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How does the MOS Gradebook calculate student grades?

STEP ONE: Calculate the grade for each outcome

The first step in calculating the student's grade is calculating the student's grade in each outcome. This means adding up all the points possible and points earned in each outcome column.  

In the example below, the student has earned the following grades in each category:

  • 86.6% - Knowledge and Thinking
  • 89.5% - Agency
  • 84.8% - Written Communication
  • 71% - Collaboration
  • 73% - Oral Communication


STEP TWO: Applying the outcome weighting

Because teachers can weight each outcome's importance in their course, the second step is to apply that weight. As an example, imagine the course above had the following outcome weighting:

  • 30% - Knowledge and Thinking
  • 30% - Agency
  • 15% - Written Communication
  • 15% - Collaboration
  • 10% - Oral Communication  

The gradebook takes each outcome grade and multiplies it by the outcome weight.  This ensures that heavily weighted outcomes have a larger impact on the student's grade than lesser weighted outcomes.

STEP THREE: Applying the outcome weighting

The last step is to sum the weighted score to get the final course grade.

In its simplest form, the formula looks like this:

(.30 x 86.6) + (.30 x 89.5) + (.15 x 84.8) + (.15 x 71) + (.10 x 73) = Final Grade

The actual formula is a bit more complicated because it takes into account outcome categories that might not have any points assigned yet and ignores those unused categories. To explore further, make a copy of this Google sheet which contains all the formulas needed to calculate the grade.



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Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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