How can students use assessment tools?

Echo has assessment tools that are helpful for teachers who are supporting students in developing their test taking skills. Within an assessment, students can have access to the following tools:  

  • Highlighter
  • Answer Eliminator
  • Question Notes
  • Passage and Question Divider
  • Bookmark and Review Questions


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Enable Assessment Tools


Before these tools can be used in an assessment by students, they need to be enabled within the assessment settings.

To enable assessment tools, click the "Edit" icon next to an assessment.


Click the "Settings" tab.


Within the "Advanced assessment options," select the assessment tools you want students to have access to.


  • To provide the highlighting tool for an essay question, make sure to put the essay question on its own page.
  • To provide the highlighting tool for a passage with multiple questions attached to the passage, make sure to display the attached questions on the same page.



How do Assessment Tools Function?

This information covers how the following tools function from student perspective:

  • Highlighter
  • Answer Eliminator
  • Question Notes
  • Passage and Question Divider
  • Review Questions


Students can use the highlighter during an assessment to emphasize the most important information, so they can easily return and review.

  1. Click the "Highlighter" button. Once this function has been enabled the button reads "Highlighter: On", and the cursor will look like a highlighter.
  2. Students can then click and drag the highlighter over the desired text to highlight.


To remove highlight from text, students will hover over the text which will cause a red X to appear. They can then click to remove the highlight.



Answer Eliminator


When completing a multiple choice question, students can eliminate answer options that they know are incorrect to more easily focus on remaining options.

  1. Click the "Answer eliminator" button. When it is enabled, the button reads "Answer eliminator: On", and a red X will appear when a student hovers over an answer option.
  2. Students can then click the answer they want to eliminate, and the red X remains there.

Question Notes


Students can take notes about a question.

1. On questions that have notes available, a speech bubble icon appears. Click that button.


2. Enter the notes in the field that appears.

3. Click "Save".



Passage and Question Divider


Passage questions require students to base their answers on content provided in a passage. When the passage is next to the question, the two are divided by a vertical bar. Students can adjust the width of that bar to make either side easier to work with by clicking the left and right buttons. They can click the reset button in the middle to return the bar it its original placement.

Learn how to set up a passage question type here.



Bookmark and Review Questions


Students have the option to bookmark and review questions. Students can bookmark a question if they'd like to revisit it later. In review mode, students can see which questions have been answered, which haven't, and which have notes. Students can also filter the questions by clicking the variable they would like to view.


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Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date. If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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