Echo's Privacy Policy

Your privacy

New Tech Network is committed to maintaining your personal privacy. We agree to make every reasonable effort to prevent disclosure of personal information we gather about you on our web sites to any unauthorized third parties. We may disclose information to third parties authorized by your school or institution school or institution, as required to reasonably do their jobs, law enforcement officials or representatives with appropriate court orders, or when we deem that there is a reasonable suspicion that you have been involved in theft, damage to property, threats of harm to yourself or others, or other illegal activities.

What we gather from you

New Tech Network's Echo platform stores data about you that you yourself enter into our websites, as well as information entered by users authorized by your school or institution and computer systems they have configured to synchronize to ours. We may also store information about the system you use to access the websites, including any information the web browser or network interconnection services reasonably disclose to us. The personal information we store generally includes your name, username, one or more email addresses, and information about your password. Your school or institution may enter other personal and non-personal information including student performance. We do not restrict the type of information your school or institution or their authorized users put into the websites. We also store other non-personal information, which may be entered by you, by your school or institution’s authorized users or computer systems, or which may be computed based on some combination of previously stored information. We may also receive and store identity information from third party sites as configured by school or institution’s administrators for the purposes of automatically logging you into our websites.

How we protect your information

New Tech Network developers use industry standard mechanisms to protect your information from unintentional disclosure. Examples of such mechanisms currently include restricting system access to authorized users, supporting and often forcing the use of TLS encrypted connections between your computer and ours, encryption-at-rest, log masking, session timeouts, response filtering, brute-force password attack mitigation, firewalls, logical network segregation or filtering, high-use alerts, and cryptographic password hashing. These may change over time as industry standards evolve. In addition, we protect records in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and similar state laws. You may learn more about FERPA at

Third party sites

Content in our websites may link or embed content from other web sites. We make reasonable efforts to verify that the sites that Echo links to or embeds also protect your personal information. Your school or institution may also link or embed content from other web sites as well. New Tech Network has no control over this information, so you will need to refer to your school or institution’s or the linked sites’ respective privacy policies for information about how they protect your privacy.

The Echo platform websites use industry-standard libraries and coding practices to let you access your personal content on third-party sites. You can use this content in Echo, which includes (but is not limited to) course content, course-activity content, dropbox submissions, grading comments and feedback, forum, or blog posts. After you have chosen to use this content, our websites store references to it and provide links to it that you and other authorized end-users can click to access it.

Echo does not alter the sharing privileges or permissions on the third-party content that you choose to share in our websites. You must set the sharing permissions of that content on the third-party site so that others who click on the links have the correct permissions to access it.

Requesting removal of information

If you would like to request that specific personal information be removed from our websites, please contact us by email at to request removal. We will respond to the request within 30 days of receipt.

Echo's Security Model

Echo data protection and security overview can be found here.

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