How do I integrate G Suite features into my course?

G Suite Integration Overview

Note: The G Suite integration goes beyond the standard Google integration that is already available for all users. This feature must be configured and enabled by an Echo Administrator who has permissions to manage your schools Google domain.

View a G Suite tutorial via video.

Echo's G Suite integration dramatically enhances how Google Docs can be leveraged in Echo courses by mimicking many features found in Google Classroom including:

  • Automatically adjusting document permissions when students submit work so that teachers can access them.
  • Easy creation of Google docs for students to use as a submission that is automatically shared with their teacher
  • Use of Google document templates that are copied by the student and automatically shared with the teacher 
  • PDF Snapshots of student work to prevent students from submitting a blank document before the due date and adding their content later



Easy Google Doc Creation and Sharing within Echo


When an assignment is created, within the settings a teacher has the option to choose either a single document or multiple documents as a submission type.


When either of these options are selected, students will see the ability to either create a Google doc or browse their Google drive for a doc or docs, that will then automatically be shared with their teacher. (student view below)



Use of Templates


Create a template using Google docs, sheets, slides, and more.

When an assignment is created, within the settings, a teacher has the option to choose a document template as a submission type.


Select "choose template"


Use the search field to find the template you would like students to use.


Once the template is chosen, select save.


When document template is selected as a submission type, students will have the ability to view the template and to create a copy of the template that they can edit, that will automatically be shared with their teacher.  (student view below)



PDF Snap Shots


When students submit a Google doc, they still have the ability to change the contents of their work after they have submitted. This means, a student might submit a document before it is due, so it is not counted as late, and then continue to complete the work via Google, making it seem as though they did their work on time.

Echo now takes a PDF snap shot of submitted Google docs, so that teachers can see exactly what the student's work was when it was submitted.


If a teacher wants to leave a student feedback and allow them to update their work, they can do so by:

1. Grading the assignment

2. Leaving feedback

3. Allowing a retry


Now a new PDF snapshot has been taken.


The original PDF snap shot lives in the submission history. This allows teachers to have a static copy of older work and revised work regardless to future edits made to the Google doc.




Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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