DLAP API process to reconnect master/derivative landing page content

In case you see any tickets with (specifically) derivative landing pages not being updated by the master, here’s a DLAP API way to fix it:

Login at https://gls.agilix.com/CallMethod.aspx with your Echo credentials (use domain before username, so example: domain/username).

Find the resource path by using the GetResourceList2 command.

For GetResourceList2, use cmd=getresourcelist2&entityid=(master course id) no parantheses. Search for "landing" in the result content.

This is just to check what the exact path is for the landing content. Generally it's always "landing-page.html" BUT if it was "landing-page1.html" for example, we'd need to specify that as the path in a later step.



1. Change the Method dropdown to POST and Accepts dropdown to XML (if not already set).

2. In the Query-String, enter: cmd=restoreresources

3. Change Content-Type dropdown to text/xml (if needed).

4. In the POST data section, use the following request code below the following image.

5. Press "Send Request."

<resource entityid="id" path="string" version="master" />

Use the derivative course ID that is broken from its master for the entity id. We specify "master" for the version of the derivative resource path, aligning it to the master course.

Enter the path for the landing content as the string (almost always looks like Templates/Data/Course/landing-page.html, but the point of running the GetResourceList2 is to make absolutely sure what the landing content path is).

So for example (DO NOT USE AS ACTUAL CODE):

<resource entityid="000000" path="Templates/Data/Course/landing-page.html" version="master" />
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