Features Disappearing? Changes Made to Default Advanced Feature Settings

To reduce unnecessary complexity, Echo recently made some changes to the default settings for the Advanced Features to hide features that were not being used in most schools. Without training and support for teachers' instructional practices, it's common for teachers to use these features in ways that can unnecessarily increase their workload or interfear with student learning. Four of those features are more likely to be used than the others (see attached .pdf file).

  • Group-Specific Settings: Allows teachers to customize the course content for students based on group association.
  • Objective Mastery: Allows teachers to track mastery against specified standards
  • Badges: Allows teacher to create badges within their course
  • Final Grades: Allows teachers to finalize grades (typically only needed in schools that use an SIS integration)

To enable or disable  advanced features in your domain or to enabled advanced features for just those individual staff members who use them, see this document for guidance.

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