End of Year Communication

Options for Next Year

  • Echo Basic? If there are other schools in your district considering moving toward PBL and deeper learning, they can start using Echo now. Let us know if your district might be interested.
  • Parent Domain? If you have multiple schools using Echo, consider putting your parent accounts in their own domain to simplify parent account management. Learn more.


Training Opportunities

  • Onsite Training - If your staff would benefit from some onsite training from the Echo Team, let us know what you need and we can craft a training option that works for you.
  • NTAC - Registration is open for the 2018 New Tech Annual Conference in St. Louis where new staff can get the training they need including Echo Administrators.
  • Echo 101 - The Echo Team has revamped the Echo 101T course for teachers. Be sure you have a derivative copy and a plan for how to onboard new staff.
  • Echo 201 - The Echo Team has also launched a new Echo 201T course for teachers. Learn more.

End of Term Tasks

Tasks and Checklist for Administrators

Tasks and Checklist for Teachers


Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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