What is the difference between a Student Information System (SIS) and a Learning Management System (LMS) like Echo?

Student Information Systems

A student information system is used by schools to collect and organize data required by local, state and federal regulations. This includes producing attendance reports, student transcripts, and data related to students with special needs. Student information systems typically also support schools in creating their master course schedule and placing students in the appropriate courses.

Over time, student information systems have also added features that teachers can use for their classrooms. For example, many systems now have a rudimentary gradebook that teachers can use to track student performance in the course.


Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems, on the other hand, are specifically designed to help teachers manage student learning in the classroom. They allow teachers to post course resources and activities, students to submit their work digitally, and teachers to grade student submission all within one digital platform. LMSs also typically allow teachers to build quizzes, have digital discussions, add links to other web sites, and more. 

Taken to the extreme, textbooks, handouts and workbooks can all be a thing of the past as digital courses provide all the course materials through a computer. Teachers can also differentiate tasks so that students get the right resources and activities that best meet their needs. No more "one-size-fits-all" learning!


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