What are Echo's key LMS features?

Echo is a full featured, robust learning management system with dozens of features designed to help teachers organize, manage, and track learning student learning.


Course Resources and Assignment Types

Echo has more than a dozen item types that can be added to a course:

  • Folders allow teachers to organize course materials into units or projects. Sub folders allow additional organization options.
  • Assignments allow teachers to post a task with instructions, links and attachments. Students can submit their work digitally.
  • Assessments allows teachers to create auto grades tests and quizzes using a variety of question types (multiple-choice, matching, fill in the blank, etc.)
  • Peer Feedback tools allow students to score and comment on their peer's performance. Especially helpful when measuring a student's collaboration skills.
  • Practice Questions are similar to an assessment, but students get instant feedback on their answers and can stop and continue their work as needed.
  • Journals and Blogs give teachers easy access to student informal writing.
  • Discussions and Wikis allow students to learn and write collaboratively.
  • Links to Websites and YouTube videos expand learning opportunities to externally developed content.


Echo provides teachers with two gradebook options:

  1. Traditional Gradebook with optional categories (tests, papers, homework, etc.)
  2. Multi-Outcome Scoring Gradebook built specifically to support the assessment of critical life skills (i.e. writing, speaking, collaborating, critical thinking, agency) typically valued in Project-Based learning environments.

When scoring student work, teachers can add text, audio, and even video comments to provide more personalized feedback.


Personalization and Differentiation

Not every student learns the same way or at the same pace. Echo has specific features designed to help teachers personalize and differentiate course materials to meet each student's needs.

  • Differentiate Course Content by Group (reading level, IEP, etc.) so that student see only the assignment appropriate for them.
  • Targeted Interventions allow teachers to select students who might be struggling with a topic or are ready to go deeper and assign tasks just for them.
  • Gatekeeper Tasks provide hurdles that students must pass before moving on which can help ensure students have mastered important knowledge or skills.


Tracking Standards

Echo allows teachers to associate state, Common Core, Next Gen Science, and custom standards with assignments. As student work is scored, Echo tracks student progress on mastering the standards helping students understand what topics student's might need more time to learn.


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