Configuring Echo for Elementary Schools

Many elementary teachers shy away from using Echo as an LMS in their classrooms. But Echo's powerful features can provide valuable data to guide instruction, engage parents in their child's learning, and enhance student learning. Echo's flexible format allows it to meet teachers where they are.

Spectrum of Echo Development for Elementary Teachers

Level One: Use Echo to access training materials, interact with other teachers, and download projects.

Level Two: Use Echo's multi-outcome scoring gradebook to track student performance in a more meaningful way than traditional grading tools. Teachers can also store and organize their instructional materials and PBL units.

Level Three: Use Echo to keep parents informed of student progress and classroom activities.

Level Four: Use Echo with students to have students access course materials online and submit work. Leverage Echo's PBL and personalization tools to enhance student learning.


Pre Configuration Interview

Before configuring the domain, set up a call with school leaders and instructional coaches in order to obtain the following information:

  1. How does is the school calendar organized? (grading periods)
  2. What grade labels do they use when recording student performance? (3 or 4 point scale)
  3. What learning outcomes do they want to focus on school wide? (MOS settings)



Level One and Two Configuration

Step 1: Create Domain

Step 2: Configure Domain

(1) Set up School Year and Grading Periods

(2) Set up learning outcomes

(3) Configure advanced feature settings (see attached)


Step 3: Copy Elementary Course Template (120060083) into domain

Step 4: Configure Course Template

(1) Add domain outcome categories

(2) Confirm School Year and Grading Periods

(3) Select desired grade scale and passing score (40 for 4-point scale, 50 for 3-point scale) on the Gradebook Options panel

(4) Optional - Add starter items to course syllabus


Note: Be sure that staff are granted "Staff" permissions in the domain.

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